Event Location

Banning Airport

200 S Hathaway St,

Banning, CA 92220

RACERS: Gate E-1 on Barbour Street this is where you car will be teched and a booth will be set up to get your wristband and assigned a Car Number. If pit crew members are with you in 1 car they can get their wristbands here too, if you pre ordered their pit crew tickets.  If pit crew brought their own vehicles they will need to park in Gate E-6 on Hathaway Street /Lincoln Street.t go to the ticket booth there and tell them that their name is on the list and a wristband will be issued.

PIT CREW:  If you are meeting your race team at the track you must enter Gate E-1 

on Barbour Street to Park in the PIT CREW AREA. You are. not allowed to park your car in the pits! Get your wristband at the Ticket Booth were your name will be on a list with the Driver you are crewing for (online pre-sale only)

VENDORS: Gate E-8 on John Street.